Whether it’s iconic brands like Harley Davidson and Breitling Watches or new, emerging brands like Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, and Healthy Choice Organic Mattresses, or brands more than 100 years like General Plumbing Supply or Shreve Crump & Low, the oldest jewelry store founded in 1792, Hammertime builds, elevates and refreshes brands.

Hammertime offers a full-service creative-media-planning experience. Every project is strategically designed to engage target audiences, accelerate lead generation and maximize ROI.

Are you ready to experience for yourself the best possible advertising service?

High-quality.  Hammertime is focused on getting unique, attention-grabbing videos that break through the clutter with a motivating call to action.

With the latest digital technologies and strategies, Hammertime ensures your brand connects to the precise target on a demographic, geographical, contextual and behavioral basis.  Once launched, all available resources are utilized to optimize campaign success every step of the way.

Whether it’s creating or elevating a brand, or having strategic directional boards, Out-of-Home advertising offers tremendous features and benefits that “stand the test of time” in a rapidly changing media landscape.  Whether you’re looking for billboards, bus stop designs, or even fitness club locker rooms, Hammertime maximizes your reach.

Hammertime combines clear designs and eye-catching copy to form the perfect print advertisements for your company.  While each message has the same starting point, the process is vetted multiple times until the right chord is struck.

Spread your brand’s unique message with aggressive radio ads, digital audio messaging, and ensure your target audience is engaged and connecting with emotional drivers.




Bill Hammer has extensive Ad Sales and Sales Management experience in Radio, Cable, and Out-of-Home advertising, and infuses 30 years of advertising experience into every project. In addition to having a unique understanding of diverse media channels, achieving sales/revenue targets, moving the needle and measuring ROI are all part of his DNA.  With over eight hundred established industry relationships, clients have immediate access to high level contacts to expedite ideas and issues.  Hammertime’s strategic partners offer clients “the best and the brightest” in creating, designing and implementing programs that move the needle.


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“…Becomes AOR for Best Plumbing, Tile & Stone…”



“ Just appointed media partner for The Stone Center”


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“The Breitling target is challenging to reach. They are sophisticated high net worth individuals that enjoy a luxury lifestyle. Hammertime consistently delivered effective campaigns for many of Breitling’s most valuable retail partners”

JP Geoghegan , Director of Media.


"With his expertise and many relationships, he's very adept at squeezing the media dollar. He makes an effort to know our business, meet our people and treat our $ like it is his."

Scott Carey, Carey & Walsh Inc..


"...Bill identified the right media partners, and S-T-E-T-C-H-E-D our media dollars. He truly cares, fights for us, and played a significant part in growing our business. He is the real deal!"

Cooper Friend, Owner, Empire Harley Davidson.


“..HMS has had a strong positive impact on the GPS brand on multiple levels. Besides raising the bar with messaging, he’s implemented simple strategies that focus on reaching the right people, in the right areas with the right amount of messages. He looks at our money as if it was his own and has helped GPS increase both brand equity and sales."

Justin Freedman, Vice President, GPS.


"...Bill has upgraded the MCN approach to media planning & buying on multiple levels. He was able to look at our plan with simple objectives in mind: Put MCN messages in areas of greatest opportunity, making sure the channels reach our core demographic target, and have enough reach & frequency to break thru the clutter... Bill has been a terrific partner, and recommend his services."

Pat Thompson, MCN/Rheem.


"...very happy with the results from our Hernia treatment campaign. We received many leads and heard from people in areas we never had before..."

Dr. Har Chi Liu, Hudson Valley Surgical Group / Phelps Hospital.


"...Bill took the time to get to know our people and learn the business. He has the ability to quickly understand objectives and issues and offer sound well thought out strategies to help achieve results.
We think Bill can be an asset in helping businesses grow by thinking thru and developing marketing strategies for many different businesses."

Joe Prospero, Co-Owner, Prospero Nursery.


"...Hammertime Media secured a terrific lead sponsor while upgrading our media planning & buying. For our nationally recognized Spook Rock Golf course, Bill was able to secure a 100% barter radio schedule on local stations. He is a true partner and was relentless in his efforts to extend value and introduce new ideas, always focused on results."

Town of Ramapo.


"...Designed and spearheaded a grass roots marketing plan that enabled Sleepy Hollow to get regional and national recognition..."

Ken Wray, Mayor , Village of Sleepy Hollow.


“…On very short notice, Hammertime Media Solutions identified and implemented a plan that allowed Breitling USA effectively & efficiently engage our target in one of the highest profile sporting events of the year..”

JP Geoghgan, Breitling USA.



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